The subscription charge for 2019-2020 is £9 for 12 issues, a saving of £1.80 on the cover price and delivery by our team of dedicated local distributors is included.

Postal subscriptions are £22 for the year 2019-2020 (12 issues).

To whom do I pay my subscription?

Churchstanton subscribers

Pat Stenning - 1 Lambpark Court, Churchinford, TA3 7PL Or leave at

Ford Cottage, Church Road, Churchinford, Taunton, TA3 7RA

Buckland St Mary subscribers

Bill Butt - Old Post Office, Buckand St Mary, Chard, TA20 3SJ

Otterford subscribers

Penny Gale - Lower Fyfett Barn, Otterford, Chard, TA20 3QP

To Pay Subscriptions Online

Using your own bank's online facilities, pay £9 into the account detailed as follows. This is a single payment for 12 months and not a direct debit mandate.

When making a payment, please use the following format as the reference number so that we know it is you who has subscribed:


Where XXX is your three letter parish code followed by your postcode:

CHU for Churchinford and Churchstanton

BSM for Buckland and Blackwater

OTT for Otterford and Bishopswood

PIT for Pitminster and Corfe

For example: someone living in Churchinford, their payment reference would typically be as follows: CHUTA37RD For someone living in Buckland it would typically be like this: BSMTA203SJ For someone living in Otterford it would typically be like this: OTTTA203RS For a Pitminster subscriber it would typically be like PITTA37AZ If you are making payment for someone else or for more than one subscription, please tell your distributor that you will be doing so, as there is not the facility to add this extra detailed information to an online payment. Of course, we will continue to accept cash and cheques. It is just that for ease of processing, cheque or BACS/online payment is preferable, with cash payment being the more time consuming method to process. The intention is to make subscribing more convenient for everyone who is comfortable using whatever means they prefer.

Our account details for payments are as follows:

Lloyds Bank Account name: CBO News

Sort code: 30-98-97 Account No: 74317260

Please note that this new bank account is only for subscriptions and is NOT for advertisement payments.

Re. Data Protection - be assured that no account details of any subscriber who pays by BACS will be stored, printed or emailed, As now, the only information held will be your name and address.

For Your Diary
Sep 21st - Buckland St Mary Nursery School
Sep 21st - Churchinford PreSchool
Sep 21st - Toddler Group
Sep 21st - Pilates
Sep 21st - Iyengar Yoga (Beginners)
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